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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God Answers Prayers, but how?

I really wish I could under stand God a lot better, so when He dose answer my prayers I know why he chose that way to answer them. I don't think I am the first person to ever think this. I can think of one person who became a Prophet who prayed for something very specific and he did not get his prayers answered in the way he wanted them to. His name is Nephi and he wrote the first book of Nephi. Nephi and his family traveled 3 days out of Jerusalem and then their father asked Nephi, Sam, Laman and Lemuel to travel 3 days Back to Jerusalem to go get the Family of Ishmael, so with Laman and Lemuel fighting the whole way they went and they got them and on their way back this is what happened.

  16 And it came to pass that when I, Nephi, had spoken these words unto my brethren, they were angry with me. And it came to pass that they did lay their hands upon me, for behold, they were exceedingly wroth, and they did bind me with cords, for they sought to take away my life, that they might leave me in the wilderness to be devoured by wild beasts.

  17 But it came to pass that I prayed unto the Lord, saying: O Lord, according to my faith which is in thee, wilt thou deliver me from the hands of my brethren; yea, even give me strength that I may burst these bands with which I am bound.
  18 And it came to pass that when I had said these words, behold, the bands were loosed from off my hands and feet, and I stood before my brethren, and I spake unto them again.

  19 And it came to pass that they were angry with me again, and sought to lay hands upon me; but behold, one of the daughters of Ishmael, yea, and also her mother, and one of the sons of Ishmael, did plead with my brethren, insomuch that they did soften their hearts; and they did cease striving to take away my life.

so Nephi asked for the Strength to burst the bands, but did he get the Strength? no they just fell off. Why did he not get the Strength? I don't know, all I know is that God has a reason for everything and he dose always answer prayers but not always in the way we ask.
Elder Matthews

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