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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Faith, What is it?

How would you describe Faith?
That is a Question that I ask a lot and I get lots of different answers, but the most common one is, "when you have faith you Believe in something." That is very true when you have Faith in Jesus Christ you Believe that he was on this Earth, you Believe that He is the Son of God, you Believe that he preformed the Atonement. Faith is also much, much more than just a belief in something, Faith is an action word. When you have Faith you act on that Faith. there is a story that I like to tell that talks about Faith.

There was this guy named Joe who wanted to be remembered so he was thinking, "how can I do that? I know!" he said out loud, "I can walk on a tight rope really well I'll do that across the Grand Canyon!" So Joe was very excited so he got on his computer and looked to see if any body has ever done that before, "Darn it!" Joe said when he saw that somebody has already done it. "What else can I do really well?" Joe sat and thought to him self. "well I can walk on a barrel on a tight rope, I could do that across the Grand Canyon. I wonder if anybody has ever done that before?" so Joe looked it up and it turns out that nobody has ever done that before. so Joe sets it up and gets a good amount of people to come to see if he was going to make it or not. So Joe jumps on the Barrel and then he gets on the tight rope and he starts walking and he gets about half way and everything is going good and he keeps on going and he makes it. and once he makes it this young reporter comes running up and says "that was amazing! Do you think you can do that again?" so Joe looks at him and says "do you think that I can do that again?" The young reporter stops and thinks and says, "well ya you just did it once I think you can do it again." then Joe asks "Do you have Faith that I can do it again?" and the young reporter, a little surprised by the question, says "ya I have Faith that you can do it again. then Joe tells him "if you have Faith Get in the Barrel."

When you have Faith in Jesus Christ you show that you have Faith in Jesus Christ by Praying, by reading the scriptures, by going to church. by keeping the commandments and by trying to be like Jesus Christ. A big part why I am in Montana is because I have Faith in Jesus Christ and I am trying my best to be like him.

Elder Matthews

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