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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Multi Tool

When I was first made a district leader I was with a kinda new companion (he was the newest in the District) I asked him to give a discussion in the meeting that we have every Tuesday. I asked him to give it on how to be a successful Missionary. I am sure he did not know why I asked him to do that because there was a missionary who was about ready to go home who was a lot more experienced then any of us at missionary work. To be honest I was not sure at the time why I asked him to give it, but he gave it and he did an amazing job on it and I wanted to share with you what I remember of it.

We are all tools in the Lords hands and he needs us to do lots of things, then he pulled out his leatherman, this tool can do lots of things it has pliers, it has a screwdriver, scissors, it has a knife and lots of other things I can use it for just about anything. What about us? What do we have that the Lord can use? Are we going to be a knife when he needs a saw? We have been given many talents, we need to keep them sharp and working good. We also need to gain more talents so that when the Lord needs us to do something new, we will be able to be the one that He wants to helps him.

Elder Matthews

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