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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Knife? or a spoon?

Almost a year ago now I was serving in a little town in Wyoming call Powell. In that town there is a school called North West Collage, and in that collage there was a class called institute and in that class there was a man named David Allred. David being a Collage student one morning made himself a bowl of cereal and after he poured the milk quickly learned that all of his spoons were dirty so thinking what to do he grabbed a Knife and began eating his cereal with that. and of course he had a very hard time eating cereal with a knife.
In the class called institute he shared what he did but he added a little twist on to it because it got him thinking. What kind of tool are we in the Lords hands? Are we a knife while he is trying to eat cereal? or are we a spoon? Is he going to be able to use us when he really needs us?
I hope and pray that when the Lord has something that he needs to do I can be the person to jump out and say "I am ready and I am what you need!"
So are you a Knife or are you a Spoon?

Elder Matthews

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