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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow and Sin.

Today as I was trying to think of something to blog about when Samantha (from the Montana State University Ward) started to chat with me, so I told her my problem and she gave me a good idea and this is what it is.
     The past couple weeks have been very cold and snowy, and if you know Bozeman at all, Bozeman gets a lot of snow. The snow has piled up and up in front of people's houses who don't use a snow shovel. As missionaries, we use sidewalks a lot and we know when people don't use snow shovels because it makes things a lot harder for us. We have to walk around, and then when we do walk through it we get snow in our shoes and it makes our feet cold.
     You might be asking yourself what does this have to do with Atonement? I'll tell you. As Sam brought up, the snow is like sin. If you are in Bozeman it is going to snow, and if you are on this Earth you are going to sin. You cannot get away from that. As I said before, when you don't shovel the snow off your sidewalk you hurt more than just yourself, just like when you sin. It hurts the people around you, also. Nobody is perfect and we all get the snow on our sidewalk, but we all have snow shovels and can get rid of that snow. We all have Jesus Christ's Atonement. We can all get rid of our sins, the question is: will we use the "shovel"? Do we know how to use the "shovel"? Are we going to make our "sidewalk" clean? We all have the tools to do so, all we need to do is pick up that "shovel" and get to work.
Elder Matthews

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