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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone I hope you all had a great New Year. To start this New Year I have already had a meeting with about 23 missionary's in the mission and we decided the theme for 2011 and it is, 2011 Entrusted by Heaven, I don't know who came up with it but I cant think of a better Theme for 2011. We have all come here at this time for a reason Heavenly Father trusted us enough to send us down at this time. At no other time the world has had this much, I am typing this in Wyoming right now and people all around the world can see this people from Egypt, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Argentina and many more. No other time in history has anybody had such great power. The point that I am trying to get at is I hope everybody realises how much trust the our Heavenly Father has given us just by sending us to this earth at this time.
Elder Matthews

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