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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roto Rooter Just a little farther

A few days ago Elder Child and I were at a members home who was having some problems with their drain and flooded their basement, (they had some family over and they think that one of the grand children flushed something.) So while we were there they called the Roto Rooter Man. When he got there he got his machine and took it down stairs and he said how this thing is 130ft and it should get to the problem so he turn it on and starts feeding it down the drain. He starts going and going and going down the drain. When he gets half way he does not hit anything, so he keeps on going until he hits the end of the line and he has hit nothing. So he sends Elder Child and I out side to the tank to see if we could hear splashing water. We ran outside to the whole in the ground and opened it, and we could not hear anything. Then he looks at the home owner and says your going to have to dig up the line and call me back then I put it in there and we should get it that way so the owner says okay and looks discouraged. Then he why don't we push the machine closer to the drain and get all we can out of it, "Okay" the Roto Rooter man said with an annoyed look on his face and so he pushes it as close as it could get to the drain, about 2ft and it hit something and the drain starts draining. Then Elder Child ran out side and looked in the hole and he could see water moving and could hear it splashing around. The Roto Rooter man said when we did that we really went 131ft. After all was done and the Roto Rooter man left we got talking and the home owner said, "How often is that the case? When we go all we think we can go and then push a little more and something great happens?" We all need to push a little more. Just take one more step, just go a little farther.
Elder Matthews

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